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"A kritikusok bekaphatják!"
Hey, you! We are three enthusiastic kids playing smelly, dirty, youthful, disheveled, raw, energetic, wild rock’n ’roll music. Be careful, we do not have limits!
Our band called ’Headbengs’s story started about seven years ago. Beginnings are always messy , just like a dream: you can not really remember how did it all happen, you just find yourself somewhere, but you start to enjoy it, and do not want to wake up.
It all began in our hometown, which is a friendly outskirt of Budapest, called Rákossezntmihály. We are all living here, it gives a massive base for all the things we do. This is Music especially, what we started to do together in 2005, when we first met at Bálint’s house. During that time Gergő was living in the neighbourhood, and was really into the Beatles, what he was playing all day all night long on his guitar. Andris took drum lessons from Bálint’s father. We started to hang out together, which also meant we played music in dirty garages. We really took first steps together, and from that time it’s like that. After a while Bálint switched for bass. We always experimented with new instruments together, how can we build them in our music immediatly, how can we go further?
Most of the times Gergő writes our songs, which compositions were more like beat music at the beginning, but there was our very first rock’n ’roll called song “Csak a szíved kell” too. That one we also played on our first concert, in November, 2005, in an old and very small theater downtown.
We enjoy every single moment of music, rhythm, melody, the rock and the roll, which amazing things keep us together. Our live concerts usually give us tons of energy , but it’s never enough, we do not want to stop!
We enjoy possibilities that we can meet people, lovely ones, or even assholes!
Music is coming from somewhere really deep, from our souls, we simply want you to feel that huge amount of power which burn us from inside!
You can listen to our first album called ’Kisördög’, what we recorded in 2010 in an ancient big building in Budapest (Eastern Block), with the help of Dani Sándor . The whole method was a great experience, we felt like a big band playing their music in a cool studio. We worked a lot on it, but the whole recording took about just sixteen hours, and we really like the outcome! The songs show you a little pieces of our souls, who were we during that time, and may be now, as well. Check it out, if you are not afriad!

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