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Listen and download: http://hiperbole.bandcamp.com/album/meszecsinka
Meszecsinka is a child of a love affair, started under the full moon. It means in Bulgarian „small moon” and comes from Annamari’s favorite Bulgarian folk song. Meszecsinka is intimate, magical and fragile, as any child of love. She sings in seven languages (Hungarian, Gypsy, Bulgarian, Finnish, English, Arabian and Spanish), comes from two countries (Hungary, Bulgaria) and leads you into a Wonderland, where Bulgarian and Hungarian folk lives together with Latin and funky, Oriental and experimental.
The members come from internationally acknowledged bands (Korai Öröm, Fokatelep, Kampec Dolores) to this inner place with one purpose: to feel good and to do only what they really want to do.
The music made with this attitude reached many people, the band has performed in the biggest venues of Hungary like Millenáris or Palace of Arts and at many festivals in the country and abroad (Austria, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria).
In 2011 Meszecsinka won the first prize of the contest Folkbeats among 100 bands –a North-American tour. It happened in April-May 2013. The band played 13 concerts in 11 cities of USA and Canada, including major clubs of cities like New York and Toronto. Due to the great success Meszecsinka was invited to perform on US festivals in 2014.
In May 2012 the first album was released on CD by Narrator Records, as well as a video featuring Annamari’s special way of playing guitar. The worldwide digital release follows on the German Hiperbole Records. The album was presented first at the Austrian Balkan Fever festival. A short trailer of the album can be heard here. In May 2013 Meszecsinka is going to a German-Czech tour to promote the release, as well as its brand new album LIVE 2013.



“A moon shining brighter and brighter on the Hungarian underground sky”
“First class world music”
“Intimate, acoustic and passionate moon”
“Specialists would call it psychedelic new wave folk”.
“The intimate and chanson moments come along with the sweeping, rockandroll riffs; a dense and palpable atmosphere pervades everything. Beyond the musical components there is the essence of the Paneuropean culture”. Brilliant album!”
Lángoló Gitárok

www.Meszecsinka.hu Meszecsinka@gmail.com

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