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Juli Fabian & Zoohacker

Juli Fabian & Zoohacker
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Juli Fábián & Zoohacker - The electro-acoustic formation
Juli Fábián & Zoohacker

The electro-acoustic formation was founded in 2011 by Juli Fábián and Zoltán Palásti Kovács (alias Zoohacker): two artists who have deep musical roots in different distinguished musical genres finally finding a solely unique tune together. The two artistic pools submerged into one, resulting in an effective composer-duo being able to create genuinely special pieces of art right from the beginning.

The uniqueness of the songs is due to the fact that although almost all modern genres are involved in the creative process, traditional styles also gain a brand new meaning, suddenly all sounding very up-to-date.

This, and some modern arrangement does the job: here goes some quality pop-music.
Soundtracks and live concerts feature, Gábor Udvarhelyi (guitar), Mátyás Premecz (keyboards), István Bata (bass) and Jávir Delov (drums), Andor Gábor (percussion).

Juli Fábián

The “ black-voiced temptress”. Juli is a unique creative power in Hungarian music scene: singer, songwriter, lyrics-writer at a surprisingly young age. Originally a jazz-singer, her career also wondered into all exciting directions of the art of music.
She has been playing and contributing her talent to numerous formations (Erik Sumo Band, Jazz Jet, Just in Time), featuring on ten albums, singing in clubs, festivals and musical events of all sorts all around Europe (Paris, Berlin, London, Brussels, Zurich etc.)
Her own formation, Juli Fábián Jazz Riff, can boast of a nomination of the Hungarian Grammy award (2001. Fonogram Award, category: ”Hungarian Jazz Album of the Year ”).
Together with Péter Sárik, jazz pianist, Juli Fábián & Péter Sárik Duo as well as entertaining full-house audience all around the country, they created a number of songs which successfully entered UK Songwriting Competition in 2010.
Also, Juli took part in 2007 and 2008 Montreux Jazz Voice Competition and was evaluated as one of the first eight singers of this very well-known contest of famously high standards.

In Barabás Lőrinc Eklektric, Juli Fábián met contemporary musical genres for the first time, becoming a well-known and popular member of the electronic band, which gained popularity in Hungary with unbelievable rapidity.
In 2010 Juli was preparing and tutoring X-Factor contestants, one of whom came first in the competition.
In 2011. Juli Fábián has been awarded Dezső Lakatos-Ablakos Scholarship, one that is offered to three Hungarian young talents annually.


Zoltán Palásti Kovács (Zoohacker) is a genuinely creative young Hungarian producer-composer, a keen fan of electronic music for a decade.
Apart from playing the keyboard, he plays on a number of special folk instruments such as futujara, jew's harp and Tilinko.
In 2004 he founded his lounge-formation, The Lushlife Project. Their first album, Budapest Eskimos has been released in 2005 published by German Mole Listening Pearls, the successful publisher of Yonderboi, Zagar and Anima Sound System. It has been a loud success in the international lounge scene. Some hits from the album have appeared on Claude Challe and Buddha Bar selections.
Along with this, Zoohacker has made remixes for artists like Timewriter, Fenomenon, Karányi, Balkán Fanatik, Budapest Bar and Barabás Lőrinc Eklektric.

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